Photo Essay

Your unexpected beach resort, only thirty minutes by train from Riga. Wooden plank houses, pine-frindged white sandy beaches and crispy fresh air.

Unexpected in many ways. In the past, when Latvia was part of Soviet Union, Jurmala used be a favourite seaside resort also for such as Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev. Walking through Jomas street you can see that the best years are already gone. Abandoned houses with empty windows and washed-out paint. Pale pastel colours worn down by the sun. And time. Best years are really gone, but there is still left this nice feeling in the air. Bit of past. You can see that in the soft light glistening through the leaves of the ever present trees.

PS: I`ve been there in 2019, end of August and the weather (and water) was still good enough to swim and spend a day at the beach.







Aneta StančikovaComment