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Budapest is charming in its own humble way. Great for long walks through the old center and its spacious wide streets lined with trees, for sitting in small chic coffee shops or bars, and for eating. Filled with nice (and reasonably priced) restaurants... not to mention famous IX.district with its ruin pubs and clubs. Then comes spas, galleries, museums, luxury shops and cheap kebab places on every street. Budapest can be everything you want with that very rare easy-going allure.





Fekete means black in Hungarian. Black like your coffee. From classic espresso to filter. It has small "pop-up" type of a shop on the Muzeum Korút, while its bigger part with little patio is located in the inner yard. The same owners have another shop nearby called CUKORKA, with handmade rainbow coloured sweets which is also worth a stop.

Múzeum krt 5., Budapest // Open: Mon-Sat 8:30 - 19:00, Sun 9:00-19:00
Close by: Cukorka// Múzeum krt 7., Budapest // Open: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00-15:00

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If you appreciate a good coffee, you should stop here. Espresso Embassy was one of the first in Budapest to prepare alternative methods of brewing coffee and till today you can enjoy their especially great coffee under tall vaulted ceilings in a very subtle tone of beige. Simple and welcoming non fuss atmosphere and exceptionally friendly staff. And also my regular stop.

Arany János utca 15., district V., Basilica neighbourhood; Open: Mon-Fri: 7.30-19.00, Sat-Sun: 9.00-17.00




Butter Brothers is that type of bakery everybody wants to have on their street. It`s honest. Filled with smell of freshly baked crisp bread and good coffee. Apart from bread you can buy here also fresh butter and fresh milk from local cow owner, home-made jams, baguettes and diverse types of pastry. Stop by in the morning, on your way to Market Hall. In the evening you’ll probably find only empty shelves.

Budapest, Lónyay u. 22, 1093; Open: Mon-Fri 7:00-19:00, Sat 8:00-13:00

Close by:

Market Hall // Vámház körút 1-3, 1093 Budapest //  Mon 06.00-17.00, Tue-Fri 06.00-18.00, Sat 06.00-15.00

Leves // Soup take away. // Vámház körút 14., 1053 Budapest // Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00

Pasta Pont // Pasta take away. // Kálvin tér 2, 1093 Budapest // Mon-Sun 11:00-20:00




Created in 2007 by Judit Garam and in 2011 joined by two talented young designers, Adél Kovács and Anett Hajdú. Nubu creates simple, bold pieces for sophisticated urban women. Combining comfort and function, minimalistic cuts, graceful femininity and ethereal elegance.

Flagship store: 13. Andrássy Avanue, 1062 Budapest; Open: Mon-Sun 11:00-20:00

Nude by Nubu store: Mom Park, 53. Alkotás Street, 1123 Budapest; Open: Mon-Wed 10:00-20:00, Thur-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-18:00




Nanushka is a childhood nickname of its founder Szandra Sándor. Her collections are palyful, with simple unexpected cuts and carefully chosen fabrics. Minimalism with a little bit of extravaganza. Evergreen, long lasting, but not boring fashion for an urban nomad. That said about the brand and now to the shop itself. It’s flagship store was designed by group of young architect students with very specific conditions - it needed to be done in 3 weeks, with relatively low budget and with the exception of little drilling, they were not able to touch the original interior in any way.  So have a detailed look when you’re there - a floor and clothes displays made of wood cut-offs, ceiling covered in textile creating a soft womb and a changing room hidden in the back, behind a big painting - a changing one piece gallery.

Budapest, Bécsi u. 3 // Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00; Sun 12:00-18:00


There is plenty of everything and it depends if you look more for the cheap eats or fancy dinners. Below you'll find few of my recommendations. 

(My apologies for no pictures, I usually just eat.) 

The Big Fish // Fish bistro on Andrassy Úcta - choose your fish and they grill it for you. Or have something from their menu. Simple concept of ordering an paying by the counter makes it a quick and comfy lunch stop. And the food is always nice too. // Budapest, Andrássy út 44, 1061 Hungary //  Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00

Mazel Tov // Located in inner patio of old house - former ruin pub. Small tables, lot of lights and people lining up after 8 p.m. for dinner. For me, more than the food I like the atmosphere and service. But dont get me worng - food was delicous too. // Budapest, Akácfa u. 47, 1072 Hungary // Mon-Tue 12:00-01:00, Wed-Fri 12:00-02:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-02:00

Bamba Marha Burger // Great burgers for a fair price and at several locations. I like burgers a lot and only few I enjoyed like this one. // Budapest, Andrássy út 46, 1062 Hungary // Mon-Sun 11:30-21:45 // for more locations check their website here

Dobrumba // Somewehere between Atlas mountains and Europe. Serving mixture of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Moroccan, Israeli, Lebanese, Georgian, Armenian and Turkish dishes. Served with extensive wine list in thoughtfully decorated space. // Budapest, Dob u. 5, 1074 Hungary // Mon-Sun 12:00 - 12:00 

... and of course there’s many more.