Álvaro Siza, Evasão

A curved screen placed opposite a curved bench forms a gentle embrace, implies an enclosure, a niche reflecting the light and shadows throughout the day, with a piece of sculpture on which to contemplate in a moment of repose.

The title, Evasão, evasion, or escape, imparts the value of freedom, the value of making space which encloses but does not trap the user, of making space which liberates the spirit. (1) That’s how is this refreshingly personal exhibit by Álvaro Siza described by curators. For me it defined new quintessential bench. Not the completely basic one, stripped down to its essence. Clean and simple one though. The truly functional art, which is very hard to find, especially in public places. The dream would be to have one of these in my city. So I could lean my back against the marble piece in a still warm fading autumn light.

(1) Official text of Biennale www.labiennale.org