Photo Essay

Have you ever had a moment when you wished the time would stop?

A moment where you could live forever?

Blink you hope never ended?

A glimpse of eternity?

Why does everything have to move so fast?

Where is everyone trying to go?

And what they do when they get there?

Are we all just fast forwarding to our grave?

What for?

For money?

For rent?

To survive?

To thrive?

It`s like the world is exploding…

Excerpt from video from NOWNESS - Vhils: Debris in Hong Kong; A moment of urban reflection from the Portuguese street artist

"From the moment that Vhils invited me to make a film around his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, we both agreed that we wanted to give it a dimension and depth that would go beyond a mere 'making of' about the show. We wanted this film to be able to stand alone and breathe independently as an artwork in its own right.

We aimed to create an ode to the specific poetry of Hong Kong and the people who inhabit it. The world of today is moving faster than ever, and we hardly ever take pause to feel, embrace or acknowledge what’s around us. We might even say that, once you establish this connection, even if only for a second, you feel like you’re truly living." -- WATCH HERE


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