Copenhagen, Denmark

Barr, in short, is a beer bar and restaurant. Here, in Brno, we have a lot of beer bars, but nothing close to this. Not even a bit. Our beer bars are usually noisy and rough. But I guess nothing is quite like Barr. Even the location itself is nothing quite like – occuping one of the most gastro-famous address - old Noma address on Strangade 93.


The name „Barr“ is an old Nordse word for barely, a main ingredient in beer making. No coincidence. You can find here 20 types of draft beers and large selection of bottled beers as well, all of them grouped under the headings like crisp, smoke, tart and funk. Menu is short, changing, down to earth. Inspired by eating traditions from the countries of the North Sea region, built on a familiar. From simple potatoes, frikadeller (danish meatballs) to classic Wienerschnitzel. The best version of schintzel as the head chef and co-owner of Barr is Thorsten Schmidt who opened the restaurant with René Redzepi. And together, Thorsten and René have created one of the best casual dining experience you can have.

"Thorsten and I talked about transforming the old Noma space from a place that was always about doing something new to something that was about familiarity," Redzepi says, "but not so much that we wouldn't be nudging even the greatest of classics like the schnitzel."


Not only name and menu, but also design of the restaurant, is built around barley. Design studio Snohetta has used microscopic studies of Copenhagen food and beer to develop material and colour pallete of this restaurant. Furthermore the relief patterns of the ceiling and wall panels are inspired by the molecules of barley itself. The panels are sculpted to create an undulating relief and are fitted with bras details that reflect light. Danish carpenter Malte Gormsen created the furniture using local technics and with the wood harvested from trees grown less than 50 kilometeres away. Even without knowing all this, just by looking at pictures, me, I feel in love with the interior straight away. Its elegant, but not stiff. It’s comfortable, casual and more than anything else – it’s warm. Mid-century design - chairs in the nicest cognac leather from Finn Juhl - mixed with rough old beams and planks. Bare walls. Brass details and dried flowers hanging on the wall. If not for the great (and affordable) food, if not for the great beer, then for the great design, at least. 

Check the whole interior here. 

Address: Strandgade 93, 1401 København K; Open: Mon-Thur 17:00 - 00:00, Fri-Sun 12:00 - 0:00

Text and photos by me