Faye Toogood creates a beautiful world filled with weird, voluminous furniture and objects made from unusual materials. World which pushes the boundaries of your perception of beauty. A world where almost iconic Spade Chair and Roly Poly stands next to each other. A too good world.

By seeing all her objects together, carefully curated through her assemblages, your perception of those objects changes. That funny chair, actually called Roly Poly, is suddenly not just a big round funny shaped object reminiscing a chair — it is a beautiful functional object. Not your usual chair, but actually comfortable. A womb. And I can't really tell why but since then I liked it. It brings me somewhere nice. And maybe that is what Faye Toogood means in the below quote:

“I suppose it’s the role of design to prompt a type of behaviour which corresponds to ‘the good life’. But I’m not keen on worthiness,” she admits. “I’m not the designer you come to for the perfect spoon to eat your cereal.” She picks up an optical prism and places it next to a chunk of volcanic rock. “Whenever I move house I let go of a lot of possessions, but somehow these found objects stay; they releases associations, memories, emotions. When I create something which connects me back to that state, that’s what I’d define as good design.” - Faye Toogood in Cereal Magazine

Pictures: Cereal Magazine, Iringo Demeter, original article here; Text: by me

Faye Toogood page here.


Aneta Stančikova