It’s that special time of the year when I feel like drinking egg liquor. The usual supplier is my grandma with her little bit strong and sweet homemade one. It’s very easy. So start chasing rum on sale because if you like me, you gonna end up making more than one batch.


For 800 ml

100 ml unsweetened condensed milk
400 ml 31% cream
200 g sugar
1 vanilla pod
5 egg yolks
200 – 300 ml rum (depends on your taste)

1. Put condensed milk, cream, sugar and vanilla pod into the pot (scrape the vanilla pod first). Heat the mixture until it gets a bit thicker (once the sugar starts to dissolves). Set aside for bit and take out the vanilla pod remains.

2. In the meantime prepare a “water bath” (a bigger pot filled with water, where you can put the smaller pot on top). Bring the water in the pot to boil. Then put the egg yolks in the bowl and once the water in the pot is boiling, turn off the heat and beat the yolks in the bowl while sitting on the hot water. The reason for this is to cook the yolks, so try their temperature often and once its too warm to keep your finger there it should be done. Once yolks are cooked enough, put the bowl aside and slowly pour in the milk mixture.

3. Pour the liquor in some nice bottles. Drink it or give it as a gift.

Original recipe from Bju:kitchen here.

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