Alison Brooks Architects

Installation “RECASTING” at Venice Biennale 2018

Last year Biennale theme, Freespace, celebrated architecture`s capacity to find another experience, an unexpected generosity in every project. In Recasting architects of Alison Brooks point out critical freespaces in housing. They called them totems: Threshold, Inhabited Edge, Passage and Roofspace.

Each totem offers a particular spatial, emotional and sensory experience, harnessing the specific qualities of light and volume in given space.

Using an extensive CNC woodwork Alison Brooks Architects created smart concept of buildable and transportable structure. Inviting to exploration and triggering curiosity. Mirror surfaces, organic geometries and different perspectives create a series of expansive illusion, a mystery covered in soft light. Light softened by the wood, light with the taste of salt.

Excerpt from an official Biennale text by the curators

When Alison Brooks speaks about architecture, she uses terms including generosity, civicness, the quest for authenticity and beauty. She sees beauty as an objective, saying that it speaks to the senses. It is an expression of care, an example of craft and the value of citizenship. 

Referring to the benign influence of beauty, she confirms that moments of beauty offer safety, hope, attachment and identity. Beauty is a language that has been lost. . . Aiming for generosity in volume and height, she advocates for 2.6 m high ceilings to ensure natural light, believing that if proportion are mean, then the expression will be mean. For her, proportion, craft and beauty are interwind. Versatility in housing invents future possibilities of use.

In this Biennale Architettura exploring freespace, she presents ways of experiencing “dwelling space as civic infrastructure that enables human potential”, clustering elements to heighten experiences, using timber as the binding, versatile material.

Official article of Alison Brooks Architects:

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